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Pikes Peak
Rally de Portugal 2016
Rally de Portugal 2016
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Wales Rally GB 2012
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 15h31
    Next round of the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship (rnd 11) is the Rallye de France - Alsace and runs 4-7 October, we look forward to seeing you there.
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 15h26
    After the final stage: 1 - Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford-Michelin) 3:03:40.3; 2 - Sebastien Loen (Citroen-Michelin) +27.8; 3 - Petter Solberg (Ford-Michelin) +28.7; 4 - Mads Ostberg (Ford-Michelin) +1:10.6; 5 - Mikko Hirvonen (Citroen-Michelin) +1:29.5
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 15h23
    It has been a great weekend for Ford-Michelin, they given a solid performance throughout dominating the event. Citroen-Michelin have had to work very hard to keep up providing some very exciting rally action.
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 15h20
    Such an exciting finish to the rally for the second step of the podium, going into the final stage Sebastien Loeb (Citroen-Michelin) had only a 0.1-second lead over 3rd place Petter Solberg (Ford-Michelin) - what a finish with Sebastien Loeb taking it by a mere 0.9-seconds.
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 15h04
    Congratulations to Jari-Matti Latvala and Ford-Michelin on their convincing victory, a great performance by one and all!
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h58
    [SS19] Petter Solberg (Ford) 8:53.4 "It has been good fun. Thats how it is, he took a little bit on the middle part. I would like to beat him. I am very happy for Ford, 1st and 3rd, it should have been 1st and 2nd."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h58
    [SS19] Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford) 8:52.9 "It is a fantastic feeling. This is one of my favourite rallies, it is a difficult rally. It is the first time I win a rally in the next year. It feels amazing. This victory is for the team, they have done so much work. I am really happy with the car and the set-up. It has been a great performance after Rally Finland."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h55
    [SS19] Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) 8:52.6 - After hearing that he has taken 2nd overall - "It has been incredible. It was a great battle and he closed the gap at the end. A good fight for the weekend."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h54
    [SS19] Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) 8:52.6 "Not bad we tried really hard, again very muddy, very slippery. We see, I am waiting for his time."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h51
    [SS19] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 8:54.1 "For sure it has been very positive. I am very pleased with the weekend. After service the problem was cured and I kept it quiet. We have been pushing really hard to wards the end of the rally."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h47
    [SS19] Mikko Hirvonen (Citroen) 8:51.4 "I was really struggling in finding the pace, rhythm and confidence. It is nice to finish the rally."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h46
    [SS19] Evgeny Novikov (Ford) 9:00.6 "I think it is a very good result for this rally. Everything went very very well. I enjoyed this rally a lot."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h44
    [SS19] Thierry Neuville (Citroen) 8:56.0 "It was a little bit strange to drive in a slow rhythm, but it was important to get the confidence back. This rally was without any mistake and it was good."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h42
    [SS19] Matthew Wilson (Ford) 9:00.9 "Absolutely loved it, enjoyed it. Its just been fantastic to be back in the car again. The result has not been as good as last year but if you look at it in terms of performance it is a great improvement."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h41
    [SS19] Martin Prokop (Ford) "It was very tough round. I am happy that we are in the finish. We have to improve a lot. Hopefully we will be okay and happy that nothing has happened."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h39
    [SS19] Chris Atkinson (Mini) 10:27.9 - Damage to the rear left wheel, wheel at 45 degree angle "I thought we had a puncture, I have no idea…" - could be a snapped wishbone
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h38
    [SS19] Chris Atkinson (Mini) - Reports coming in that he may have hit something in the stage
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h37
    [SS19] Nasser Al-Attiyah (Citroen) 8:57.5 "Today I am so happy, we try and we enjoy Sunday. The power stage was completely different, we give everything. I am happy to do this rally without any mistakes."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h35
    [SS18] Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford) 4:40.4 "Its all okay at the moment, the feeling is pretty good. I will try according my feeling."
  • dim. 16.09.2012 / 14h32
    [SS18] Petter Solberg (Ford) 4:40.5 "It will be very interesting the last stage! We just have to keep on pushing now."