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Pikes Peak
Rally de Portugal 2016
Rally de Portugal 2016
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Rally Sweden 2014
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h57
    Next we go from frozen Sweden to sunny Mexico (March 6 to 9) for the next round of the FIA World Rally Championship 2014. We will be there and hope you will join us…
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h56
    Congratulations to Andreas Mikkelsen and Mikko Markkula on their first WRC podium, a very mature drive from the young Volkswagen-Michelin driver, it will not be long before we see him on the top step!
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h55
    Congratulations to Jari-Matti Latvala, Mikka Anttila, Volkswagen and Michelin, a great result, it was a rally with some some very tricky conditions and a Volkswagen-Michelin 1-2!
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h52
    [SS24] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 8:37.9 "The third victory in Sweden! It feels amazing to win this rally. It is something very very special, all my rally wins started here in 2008. I have really been concentrating for the whole week for the rally."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h49
    [SS24] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 8:44.7 "That is absolutely fantastic! I really hoped coming into my home event achieving this great result is more than I could have dreamed of. We are so extremely happy."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h45
    [SS24] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 8:36.8 "It was a good stage for me. For me this is really great, we improved a lot the driving. Very happy for ourself and for the whole team. I know we don't use the full potential of everything, I am so happy to be with Citroen and I want to make the most out of it."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h42
    [SS24] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 8:39.7 "I really tried, lets see how fast the guys are coming behind. I wanted to get some more points, it has not been a perfect rally and I wanted to get some more points from here."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h40
    [SS24] Ott Tanak (Ford) 8:47.5 "I was really worried before the event, I am so happy that we can go fast. I am really happy, it gives you a lot of confidence if you can drive an event without any problems."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h36
    [SS24] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 8:42.3 "Silly mistake this morning, could have been a 6th place and is 11th. To get within a second or two of Seb Ogier is nice too. Delighted for the team and just sorry for my mistake."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h34
    [SS24] Pontus Tidemand (Ford) 8:54.2 "The last lap round the car was completely perfect. Now the rally should start for me…"
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h28
    [SS24] Elfyn Evans (Ford) - Has slid off the stage
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h28
    [SS24] Henning Solberg (Ford) 8:58.0 "We were slowed down so much on the fast section, Evans had a roll I think… His car was not in the road. It has 12- long months, I will really try to come back (to WRC) as soon as possible"
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h27
    [SS24] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 8:40.5 "Its not too bad, maybe we can get 8 points, I had a good drive on this stage, I do not know what I can get here. We did our job as professionally as possible. Small mistake will cost a lot, but not the race."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h26
    [SS24] Elfyn Evans (Ford) - Stopped in the stage
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h23
    [SS24] Robert Kubica (Ford) 9:34.6 "It has been very difficult. We started the rally very well, but stupid mistake after the jump. Then I could not really find the feeling. I am driving very carefully, I drive like my grandmother going to the supermarket. The target was to finish the rally and we have done that."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 15h13
    SS24, final stage of Rally Sweden is now live...
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 14h30
    Only one more stage to go now… SS24 Varmullsasen (15.87 kms) goes live at 15:13 local time (CET)
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 14h27
    [SS23] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 13:16.5 "I did a basic jump, overall it was a full gravel line, you need to stay on the line."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 14h25
    [SS23] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 13:16.1 "Mads (Ostberg) was starting to push and we had to answer. We just keep a good rhythm and get some new tyres on now."
  • sam. 08.02.2014 / 14h23
    [SS23] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 13:18.3 "He answered quite quickly, I saw it on the splits, I think we just control the speed now."