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Pikes Peak
Rally de Portugal 2016
Rally de Portugal 2016
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Rallye de France 2013
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 11h00
    [SS16] Evgeny Novikov (Ford) 4:24.9 "Quite slippery, was last year the same on Sunday. These stages are not the best when they are slippery and it rains, they are quite narrow and a lot of mud comes from the cars in front."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 10h56
    [SS16] Thierry Neuville (Ford) 4:17.2 "For me it was quite okay, I enjoyed the stage, the car feels good. There was some standing water but we managed."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 10h53
    [SS16] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 4:16.3 "I was just pushing and it was quite hot in the car, but we did it well, that was quite perfect."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 10h52
    [SS16] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 4:18.8 "It was a good stage, now I like this stage even though it was damp and water, there was no mud on the road."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 10h50
    [SS16] Dani Sordo (Citroen) 4:20.7 "Was okay, very slippery, tricky stage this one, but the next one will also be difficult."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 10h49
    SS16 is now live...
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h56
    Next stage, SS16 Bischwiller (7.95 kms), goes live at 10:46 local time (CET)
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h55
    The rally has a new leader, Sebastien Ogier and Sebastien Loeb has ended up in a ditch on the roof!! Action from the word go...
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h53
    [SS15] Robert Kubica (Citroen) 9:13.1 "Not easy conditions, fortunately we do not have to push, so it is fine. Very tricky stage. Here are completely wet stage and mud, it is not easy at all."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h51
    [SS15] Romain Dumas (Ford) 9:04.9 "It is very difficult. So dirty. First time in a corner with mud, I went on the grass…"
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h49
    [SS15] Martin Prokop (Ford) 9:10.7 "Absolutely no visibility, the windscreen was foggy, absolutely no visibility…"
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h47
    [SS15] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 8:48.3 "Hopefully get a good feeling and it is not easy in these conditions. We hit some water and went straight on into the field… The feeling with the car is more precise, but very different conditions to yesterday."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h45
    [SS15] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 8:35.7 "It is not perfect, definitely difficult conditions. It is a competition and you need to try and push as hard as you can. I had good information in the pace notes and was able to commit on the pace notes."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h43
    [SS15] Mikko Hirvonen (Citroen) 8:58.3 "Just went straight on one junction and lost many seconds there. It is very slippery in there. I just went straight into a field…"
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h42
    [SS15] Evgeny Novikov (Ford) 8:50.8 "It was very slippery and a lot of mud and I think for the cars behind it will be very difficult. I try to keep a good line."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h38
    [SS15] Thierry Neuville (Ford) 8:34.4 "Very fast right and he (Loeb) just went deep in the ditch, but they are okay. Very difficult (in the stage)."
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h37
    [SS15] Mikko Hirvonen (Citroen) - Has gone off the road, but is back on again
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h35
    [SS15] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 8:23.7 "We pushed, some moments a little but, happy with the start…"
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h34
    [SS15] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 8:38.2 "I started quite okay, but it is very difficult, there is a lot of mud come on to the road and very difficult to find the grip. These conditions might be too difficult to fight for the victory…"
  • dim. 06.10.2013 / 09h33
    [SS15] Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) - Has rolled on the stage...